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March 25, 2009


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We’ll be meeting at 10am in Life Skills Dept, A02-06 for:
1. CCA Fair
2. Outing

Please remember to bring your camera & creative juices along! =)


March 17, 2009


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Hello All! This term is exciting! We’ve plenty of things in store so do check this webby regularly to be part of the excitement! =)

1. Outing (An exploration of the times)
Date: 20th March, Friday
Time: 2pm
Venue: Meet at Raffles City MRT station
Objective: Walk around the historic route of the City District, explore the riches of culture vested in the buildings along our walk & take photos! We’ll be going to the MICA building to visit the art gallery (free!) & the Old Fire Station Heritage Centre.

Please confirm your attendance with Marisa when she sms-es you!

2. Articles for CE360
Now’s the time to write! Below are a few you can contribute to:

a. Centre-fold: What’s our favourite food? Basically interview groups of people who have the same favourite food & ask them
1. WHY they love it
2. WHERE to get the best food from AND
3. Take photos of these interviewees

b. Interview with the Director
Anyone interested? Let me know.

c. Any other article you feel should be in this issue of CE360

3. CCA Fair (Victorian & Simple)
We’ll be coming back during the holidays to prepare for the CCA fair where we’re pretty confident the newbies will DIE to join Journaling Club!
Keep 25th March & 1st April free!

That’s all the updates for now, let me know if there’s anything you want to do/add/contribute.

Until we meet again, remember to journal down your daily/weekly observations & be a keen observer! =)

February 27, 2009

Preparing for our next meeting…

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Hello all!

This is the second Friday since we last met & I hope all of you have remembered to journal. Just take 5-10mins off your busy schedule to pen down your thoughts, feelings, observations & any other thing that pops into your mind & see your writing skills improve! =)

I’m currently looking into possible places we can visit for our “photo shoot” so will keep you guys posted! Do let me know if you’ve suggestions.

Do also keep a lookout for possible articles you can write for the upcoming issue of CE360. Just a tidbit–some of you will be given the opportunity to interview the Direction of Engineering, others can interview fellow students to find out more about what they think about marriage while those of you with more news-worthy articles can feature your work. Of course, you can write for all of these as well!

And as we prepare for the CCA Fair, let’s do our respective parts & make it a blast!

Wei Sern–Story board for video

Zaidi–Layout/theme (Victorian?)


Girls =) –Content of board

See you all soon! Will keep you posted! =)

Happy Fingers, Ms Cheryl

February 17, 2009

In life you ought to adopt selfism

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If you say next time,you’re stupid.If you put it off tomorrow

you’re stupid.Everything you do will be useless. Everytime You think tomorrow will come.You will pay for it.

So go get it. Get what you want before it’s too late

February 8, 2009

The smallest things you do sincerely is enough to make someone smile

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Valentine’s day is mostly labelled as¬† ‘ONLY FOR LOVERS’..This is deemed rubbish.Your mates are your lovers too.Everyone is your lover.

Plan a date with your friends on valentine’s day.Do something spectacular. Ride the Gmax,spin the bottle with your other female friends. Do the unthinkable,Comment on everyone’s blog. Call all your friends and say you love them.Kiss your mum on the cheek.

Do not be left out on that day..Valentine’s day is for everyone.

Love is for everyone,Everyone is in for Love ūüôā

done by: zaidi

Is saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ hard enough for citizens with no mouth difficulties?

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Human these days are not trained with manners nowadays. They don’t have a clue that saying these words will actually make their day PLUS it comes with a smile too. What’s the use of having that white collar job when you don’t have basic courtesy. It’s not hard to smile.

Practice these often and not just people that will be comfortable with you , but even your pets and yourself.

February 3, 2009

First meeting of 2009

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Hello All! Our first meeting is here!

Date: Friday, 6th Feb2009

Time: 2-3.30pm

Venue: A02-04 Lifeskills Dept, Meeting Room 1

Come prepared to meet new members and have fun!

Ms Cheryl


December 9, 2008

The year 2009

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Hello All Journaling Club peeps!

It’s been a quiet Term 4 because of the upcoming exams & we haven’t met up as often as we’d like.

Well, things are going to be headed in a slightly different direction for Journaling Club in 2009. We’re going to be more hands-on in our approach towards writing & publishing by brushing up on our ability to articulate confidently & express ourselves. We will also have field-trips where we will be exposed to different aspects of the arts & learn how to appreciate & respond to them. Of course, we’ll be doing plenty of writing for our beloved CE360!

So, get ready for an exciting 2009! More details will be posted soon & we’ll be recruiting new members in January so there’ll be more people to share the love of writing with!

PS-do give suggestions of what you would like to see/do in Journaling Club & we’ll do it!

PPS-welcome home dearest Chairwoman, we missed you! =)

Happyfingers aka Ms Cheryl

October 18, 2008

Melbourne, Australia.

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Hey bloggers, I’m currently in Australia doing my attachment. But the first week, it’s free and¬†easy. I went sight-seeing and enjoy the scenery here. This place is awesome. It’s freedom. You totally break free. Fortunately, I have¬†another three weeks here.¬†Here are the pictures that i want to share what i had done in the first week of stay here. F.y.i, Melbourne time is 3 hrs ahead of SGP.

September 3, 2008

Having a twin in the same college

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I am fortunate that finally me and my sister are in a same college after 4 years we had been parted due to different secondary schools.


Little description about us is that we both are unidentical pair and differentiated by our facial looks,voices and writing hands.Even though we are in the same college,but we are of different schools.As for me,I studied Applied Food Science of Applied and Health Science school whereas my sister studied Service Skill-Office of Business school.


There in school,we sometimes got wrongly mistaken by our teachers and friends by our looks as they thought that we are identical.Afterall,it will take them sometimes to get the right us.


Done by=Naqiah

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